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Front-End Library: React

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I am very satisfied with using React (88% satisfaction) as my front-end library. Its one-way data flow is very intuitive, the ecosystem is rich, server-side rendering is on point, and it is very widely adopted which means there is a lot of support available, as well as work opportunities. The learning curve is a bit steep but you can't go wrong with React.

Might change soon?


A lot of the heavy lifting to set up the React project is done by Next, so the only thing we need to do is to install react and react-dom as dependencies, as well as the @types/react for TypeScript.

yarn add react react-dom && yarn add -D @types/react


Vue (85% satisfaction) is neat, but using it would involve a significant commitment to replace a large portion of the stack, which is not something I am currently interested in, given how pleased I am with the React and Next.js ecosystems. I haven't tried Angular but overall it has a very low developer satisfaction (38%), so I don't think I am missing out much. I also keep an eye on Svelte (89% satisfaction) and its great performance as its ecosystem grows, but it still seems too recent to me.